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Botão do Instagram Sumiu!

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O botão de logout do Instagram sumiu para Iphones. (29/03/2016 - 11:56)

Diversos usuários em todo mundo estão reclamando do desaparecimento da função de logout do Instagram.

Tudo indica que o erro está relacionado a nova função de Manage Multiple Accounts, porém ainda não há nenhuma confirmação oficial emitida pela empresa.

Assim que recebermos novas informações, publicaremos aqui!

O Jornal de Londres, Mirror escreveu a seguinte nota:

"Angry Instagram users claim they are unable to log out of their accounts after app update. Instagram users are reporting that the logout button has disappeared from their app settings

It's not been a good week for Instagram.

First the internet exploded over planned changes to the social network's photo stream , that will see the chronological list replaced with an ordered feed in which Instagram will give priority to the posts it thinks you'll be most interested in.

The change - which has not yet come into effect for most users - has received a violent backlash from users, who fear their posts will be drowned out by those with more followers or greater clout on the social network.

Now Instagram users are reporting a new problem - that the "logout" button has mysteriously disappeared from their apps.

This is proving to be quite a problem for people who administer multiple Instagram accounts from the same app - for example, people who run both a personal account and a business account.

Instagram introduced the ability to manage multiple accounts from its official iOS and Android apps as part of its 7.15 update last month. However, the function now appears to have been cruelly snatched away.

Many users have taken to Twitter to complain about the problem, with some using the hashtag #instagramlogout

It is unclear whether the issue is only affecting users on particular devices - although most of the screenshots being shared appear to have been taken on iPhones.

Some users are suggesting that it might be a result of the recent iOS 9.3 update for iPhone and iPad, but this has not been verified.

Instagram told Mirror Online that it is aware of the issue and is looking into it. We'll update this article when we know more."

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